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Upgrade to Photonic Professional GT+

Prepare your printer for future innovations

GT+ upgrade benefits

It is time to boost your Photonic Professional GT printer with today’s 3D Microfabrication technology. Upgrade to GT+ and your printer gains all the capabilities required to install the latest 3D Microfabrication Solution Set Large Features (3D LF) that extends your microfabrication capacities up to the macroscale. The GT+ upgrade is compatible with all Photonic Professional GT printers.

  • Preparation of your Photonic Professional GT printer for the 3D LF set, enabling fast printing of millimeter-sized high-precision parts
  • Extended flexibility for a broader range of substrates, supporting easy insertion and removal
  • Simplified handling of objective lenses with direct access from the top
  • Improved protection from dust and other external influences keeps your printing process clean

Improved protection

Nanoscribe'S PPGT+ upgrade offers improved protection

The enhanced housing redesign offers protection from dust, resin residuals and other external influences. It protects the print chamber that houses the sample, the optics and stages.

Extended flexibility

Nanoscribe's PPGT+ upgrade offers extended flexibility.

Thanks to the novel piezo hatch design, sample holders can now carry substrates of several millimeters thickness. This eases the use of custom substrates, e.g., packaged chips or optical fibers. Even tall structures up to 8 mm, as printed with the 3D LF set, can be handled safely.

Simplified handling

Nanoscribe's PPGT+ upgrade offers simplified handling.

The redesigned piezo gives access to the objective lenses from the top. The lenses can be inserted and removed more easily, simplifying manual operation and maintenance tasks.

Any questions about the GT+ upgrade?
Check out our FAQ list.

What’s the difference between PP GT2 and the PP GT+?

PP GT2 is the name of our newest Photonic Professional series machines, whereas PP GT+ is the name given to any PP GT that has received the upgrade. In the technical capabilities, both machines are equivalent.

Will the upgrade impact our established printing processes?

No. There will be no changes to the optical path, so all your printing processes will work just as well after the upgrade.

Will there be an acceptance test?

Since the optical path of your PP GT will not be changed, no acceptance test is planned for the GT+ Upgrade. At the customer's request, we can schedule an acceptance test for the upgrade. Please ask us for a quote for this additional effort.

If the 3D Microfabrication Solution Set Large Feature (3D LF) is ordered, an acceptance test for the solution set is performed to demonstrate the specified features.

How will the upgrade influence my device guarantee?

All parts installed with the upgrade have a full one-year guarantee. The warranty terms of all other components will not be affected by the upgrade.

If you have bought a guarantee extension for your Photonic Professional GT, or if you decide to buy one in the future, the parts from the upgrade will be considered to be part of your system. So they will be covered by your guarantee extension as long as it lasts.

What are the writing parameters of the Large Feature Set?

Feature size: The individual voxels are around 1.2 µm in XY, with an aspect ratio of about 10. For mechanical stability, individual features should be larger than 20 µm.

Lateral resolution: The IP-Q resin shows a considerable proximity effect, giving an effective lateral resolution of 6 µm.

Printing speed: The standard recipe uses a slicing distance of 5 µm, and a hatching distance of 1 µm, reducing the number of lines that are necessary to fill a given volume by a factor of 10 compared to the 25x / IP-S recipe. The typical scan speed is 100 mm/s. With the shell-scaffold recipe, an effective print speed of up to 6.8 mm³/h has been achieved, it depends on the geometry.

When can the upgrade be delivered and installed?

Please refer to the delivery time on your quote. Currently (February 2022) we expect a delivery time of twelve months after receiving the order.

Interested in rapid fabrication of millimeter-size parts?
Read more below!

3D Microfabrication Solution Set
Large Features

With the GT+ upgrade you can prepare your Photonic Professional GT printer for the installation of the new 3D Microfabrication Solution Set Large Features (3D LF). This opens up new possibilities for fast 3D printing of mesoscale structures up to the macroscale. With printing speeds of up to 6.8 mm³/h, this set is best suited for large volumes of 10-100 mm³ print times.

Boost your performance now!

Photonic Professional GT vs Photonic Professional GT+. Scan field diameter, print height, print speed

Key advantages

Nanoscribe 3D-printed mechanical microparts
Printed in 5 min. each
  • Fast fabrication of mesoscale parts
  • Suitable for print volumes of 10-100 mm³
  • Printing speed of up to 6.8 mm³/h
  • Object heights of up to 8 mm
  • Recommended slicing distance of 5 μm
  • High aspect ratio structures printable
  • Scan field diameter of 1,000 μm

Main Components

  • Immersion objective 3D LF: 10×, NA=0.3, scan field 1,000 μm diameter
  • New IP-Q photoresin
  • Sample holder Multi-DiLL
  • Sample holder for three 2-inch wafer substrates
  • Silicon substrates for DiLL immersion
  • Software recipes for solid as well as shell and scaffold printing of millimeter-sized objects
  • Training and installation
3D-printed double helix fabricated with Nanoscribe's 3D Microfabrication tool.
Printed in 2.5 h

Interested in this cost-effective upgrade? Take the next big step forward.

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