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Advanced 3D Microfabrication
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Join us for this live webinar on high-precision 3D printing in Materials & Life Science Engineering. Because the opportunities for deeper understanding of biology and developing solutions to diseases or injury are as great as the microfabrication challenges in this field. Understanding 3D printing at this scale is thus essential for cell behavior studies and tissue engineering, among many other applications. Therefore, biocompatible materials, specialized biomaterials, as well as multimaterial microstructures and complex tissue-based solutions are needed.

Our technical expert Dr. Benjamin Richter will introduce the capabilities of our microfabrication technology for life science applications, with a focus on advanced printing materials, both biocompatible and biomaterial photoresins. Furthermore, he will provide insights into the capabilities of the new Quantum X shape and the printing workflow in a demo session. Finally, Professor Alice White, Chair of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University, will discuss the opportunities of 3D Microfabrication and the crucial role of printing materials in advanced cell and tissue engineering applications and show some impressive results of current life science engineering projects, all fabricated with Nanoscribe systems.



  1. Basics and principles of 3D printing by 2PP
  2. Special requirements on microfabrication in life sciences
  3. Advanced printing systems and materials with live demo
  4. Cutting-edge life science engineering applications
  5. Q&A session

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Webinar on Materials & Life Science Engineering on October 27, 2021 with Prof. Alice White and Dr. Benjamin Richter

Our experts in this webinar

Prof. Alice White
Portrait of Prof. Alice White

Alice White is Professor and Chair of Mechanical Engineering at Boston University and joined the College of Engineering in 2013 after a 30-year career at Bell Labs. In 2014, she established the Multiscale Laser Lithography Lab and purchased a Nanoscribe to develop mechanical metamaterials for biological studies. She is a fellow of the American Physical Society, the IEEE Photonics Society, and the Optical Society of America.

Dr. Benjamin Richter
Portrait of Dr. Benjamin Richter

Dr. Benjamin Richter is a physicist with a focus on biophysics and 3D microstructures. Before joining Nanoscribe in 2017, he completed his PhD with an interdisciplinary thesis on “Selective Biofunctionalization of 3D microstructures” in the groups of Prof. Wegener, Prof. Bastmeyer and Prof. Barner-Kowollik at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

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