Microneedles for medical applications
Rapid prototyping, direct 3D printing,
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Be part of the upcoming live webinar on how to fabricate highly precise microneedles for medical applications using Two-Photon Polymerization-based (2PP) 3D printing. As minimal invasive devices, microneedles offer great application potential in various fields such as drug delivery, vaccination, blood collection, disease diagnosis, and patient monitoring. Importantly, the microneedle design and materials strongly affect their targeted application and effective translation into clinical trials. In addition, the scalability of microneedle production depends directly on the strategy implemented to microfabricate reproducible and shape-accurate microneedle arrays. We invite you to explore the advantages that high-precision 3D printing offers for microneedle production and get inspired by the application examples presented in this webinar.

Our application manager, Dr. Benjamin Richter, will give an introduction on the capabilities of 2PP-based 3D Microfabrication, with a focus on basic principles of the technology, printing materials and workflow with Quantum X bio. Furthermore, in a live demo he will demonstrate the printing of microneedles with different designs by exploiting the opportunities of design freedom, powerful and intuitive software, and hardware of the printer.

Professor Ryan Donnelly, Chair in Pharmaceutical Technology at the Queen’s University Belfast, will enrich the webinar as a very well recognized expert in the medical application of microneedles. He will present the potential of microneedle arrays for transdermal drug delivery, such as for vaccines, and outline the wide range of novel medical applications including regeneration & pain patches, structures for reduction of scars, biosensors, biocollection concepts and others. Current research results, microfabrication requirements, and opportunities will be presented in the webinar.


Moderation by Dr. Remmi Baker-Sediako, Life Sciences Business Development Manager at Nanoscribe

  1. Basics and principles of 2PP-based 3D Microfabrication
  2. Overview on microneedles for medical applications
  3. Live demo of printing microneedles & advanced materials
  4. Cutting-edge microneedles research, applications and use cases
  5. Q&A session

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Webinar on Materials & Life Science Engineering on October 27, 2021 with Prof. Alice White and Dr. Benjamin Richter

Our experts in this webinar

Prof. Ryan Donnelly
Portrait of Prof. Ryan Donnelly

Ryan Donnelly is Professor and Chair of Pharmaceutical Technology at Queen’s University Belfast. Currently, his research is focused on novel polymeric microneedle arrays for transdermal administration of drugs and intradermal delivery of vaccines and photosensitizers. Ryan Donnelly is Board Member of the Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Communications Chair of the Controlled Release Society. He also is a Visiting Scientist at the Norwegian Institute for Cancer Research, where he is an Associate Member of the Radiation Biology Group.

Dr. Benjamin Richter
Portrait of Dr. Benjamin Richter

Dr. Benjamin Richter is physicist with focus on biophysics and 3D microstructures. Before he started at Nanoscribe in 2017, he graduated with an interdisciplinary PhD thesis about “Selective Biofunctionalization of 3D microstructures” in the groups of Prof. Wegener, Prof. Bastmeyer and Prof. Barner-Kowollik at KIT. Benjamin Richter works as application manager at Nanoscribe with a  focus on the development of microfabrication processes and applications in the field of Life Sciences.

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