June 1, 2023 - 5pm (CEST)

Aligned 3D printing on optical fibers
Miniaturized optics and efficient interconnects
for photonics packaging

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Interested in how to use optical fibers for imaging and sensing applications or for efficient optical interconnects for photonic integration? Then be part of the upcoming live webinar with three technology experts in 3D aligned microfabrication, designing and manufacturing miniaturized optics and manufacturing optical interconnects for photonics packaging.

With Aligned 2-Photon Lithography (A2PL®), a powerful additive manufacturing technology available for Quantum X align, spherical, aspherical, freeform, diffractive and hybrid microoptics can be printed directly onto optical fibers with nanoprecision 3D alignment.

Explore the world of fiber-based microoptics and learn about the technical challenges to be tackled. Discover the new opportunities opened up with Quantum X align equipped with A2PL technology. Experience the complete printing workflow, including the detection of the exact position of defined substrates such as optical fibers, to then optimally place the microoptics and automatically compensate for even minimal substrate tilts in the printing process, all the way to the final print result in a live webinar demo. And finally, learn about technologies, novel approaches such as aligned 3D printing, and innovative applications for miniaturized fiber-based optics and photonics packaging.

Dr. Simon Thiele, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Printoptix, will introduce the fundamentals and principles of aligned 3D printing on optical fibers and outline challenges to be addressed, the current and future applications and markets for miniaturized high precision optics. And finally, he will showcase some remarkable use cases and benchmark projects in both science and industry.

Jeroen Duis, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at PHIX Photonics Assembly, will talk about new ideas in photonics packaging and present the current and future technologies, applications and markets. In this context, aligned 3D printing on optical fibers will then be presented, as a new technological approach and service for photonics packaging at PHIX that can open up new perspectives.

Dr. Stephan Dottermusch, Application Engineer at Nanoscribe, will give an introduction to the capabilities of Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP)-based microfabrication with a special focus on Aligned 2-Photon Lithography (A2PL®). With a live demo of Quantum X align he will showcase the features and workflow for printing precisely aligned to the optical axes of optical fibers or photonic chips with submicron accuracy.


Moderation by Jörg Smolenski, Business Development Manager at Nanoscribe

  1. 3D printing on optical fibers
  2. Aligned 2-Photon Lithography (A2PL®)
  3. Live demo of Quantum X align
  4. Technologies and novel ideas for photonics packaging
  5. New applications with miniaturized optics
  6. Q&A session

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Webinar on aligned 3D printing on fibers on June 01, 2023 with Dr. Simon Thiele, Jeroen Duis and Dr. Stephan Dottermusch

Our experts in this webinar

Dr. Simon Thiele
Portrait of Dr. Simon Thiele

Dr. Simon Thiele is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Printoptix, a German spin-off of the University of Stuttgart. After studying microsystems engineering at the University of Freiburg, Germany, where he graduated in 2012, he worked at the Institute for Applied Optics (ITO) at the University of Stuttgart on his doctoral thesis "Design, simulation and process optimization for 3D direct laser writing of microoptics". He received his PhD in 2019 summa cum laude and kept working at the ITO as head of the optical design team.

Jeroen Duis
Portrait of Jeroen Duis

Jeroen Duis is Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) at PHIX Photonics Assembly, a Dutch manufacturing service provider for photonics packaging. He received his bachelor’s degree from the Technical University of Rijswijk in 2001. After his study he worked several years with TE Connectivity and SMART Photonics. Since 2018, he joined PHIX in his position responsible for commercial activities and strategic direction for hybrid packaging. He is the author and co-author of several publications and holds 15 patent applications in the field of optical interconnection technology.

Dr. Stephan Dottermusch
Portrait of Dr. Stephan Dottermusch

Dr. Stephan Dottermusch is Application Engineer at Nanoscribe. In his master thesis at KIT, the physicist worked on photonic wire bonding for fiber-to-chip applications. In the course of his PhD in electrical engineering, he developed textures for photovoltaics by direct laser writing. As a PostDoc at KIT he investigated luminescent solar concentrators of optical fiber lasers. His focus at Nanoscribe is Aligned 2-Photon Lithography (A2PL®), for instance for printing on optical fibers.

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