May 10, 2019

Junior researchers showing strong interest in 3D Microfabrication

Nanoscribe_Junge DPG

At Nanoscribe, the members of the "young DPG" were able to experience up close how a high-tech company can develop the results of fundamental scientific research to market maturity and successfully market them worldwide. The junior researchers visited Nanoscribe as part of a network meeting. The company, founded as a spin-off of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), has succeeded in developing the concept of two-photon-polymerization into a mature industrial technology for 3D Microfabrication within just a few years.

The students were shown the various possibilities that Nanoscribe's 3D printers offer: prototype production of high-precision micro-components, small series production as well as processes for serial production via replication. The printed structures can be used directly as polymer masters for replicating processes, for example, for micro-optics in sensors or mobile devices.

In Nanoscribe's DemoLab, visitors were able to experience live the simple workflow of the Photonic Professional GT2 3D printer as well as the extreme precision and surface quality of the printed microstructures. Among them were filigree optics with submicrometer details and diffractive optical elements (DOE), which are becoming increasingly important, for example, in the area of product counterfeit protection and in optical measuring systems. While the production of multilevel DOEs with conventional planar lithography processes requires many process steps, the Photonic Professional GT2 3D printer enables fast and high-precision production of functional DOE prototypes or polymer masters in a single printing process.

The visitors were impressed by the precision of the diffraction pattern, which becomes visible when illuminated with a laser. Martin Hermatschweiler, CEO of Nanoscribe, appreciates the interaction with the junior researchers. "Young people who are interested in the innovation and design possibilities of our technology gather here. We are happy to offer them the opportunity to experience these possibilities live," says Hermatschweiler. "In addition, such an event is a great opportunity to get to know Nanoscribe as an attractive employer," he adds.

With almost 4,000 members and over 200 events per year, the young DPG is one of the largest and most active associations of the DPG.

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