Nanoscribe's Quantum X Nanoscribe's Quantum X

The new Quantum X

The world’s first Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography system for maskless microfabrication of refractive and diffractive microoptics

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Nanoscribe's Photonic Professional GT2 Nanoscribe's Photonic Professional GT2

The Photonic Professonal GT2

The world’s highest resolution 3D printer designed for rapid and ultra-precise microfabrication

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Nanoscribe's Quantum X system

Experience the new Quantum X

Quantum X is designed for the fabrication of free-form microoptics, microlens arrays and multi-level diffractive optical elements. The maskless lithography system offers interfaces for industrial process control and powerful components for fast scanning and very precise synchronization.

Woman holds a magnifier and a 3D printed sample

3D Micro-

The Photonic Professional GT2 is a powerful 3D printer for rapid nano, micro and mesoscale fabrication. The 3D printers are designed for the fabrication of nearly any shape in 3D and shift microfabrication toward the macroscale.

Nanoscribe's photoresins

printing materials

Optimized for the process of Two-Photon Polymerization, Nanoscribe offers a product line of photoresin materials. The negative-tone resins provide high resolution, shape accuracy and applications tailored properties as well as easy handling.

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