Mastering & replication

Nanoscribe’s grayscale lithography system Quantum X is an ideal tool for manufacturing high-precision 2.5D topographies that are perfect master templates for various high-volume replication processes. With unsurpassed precision and accuracy, they thus enable the mass production of freeform microoptics, microlens arrays, or diffractive optical elements.

From rapid prototyping to mass production

Quantum X is the world’s first Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL ®) system for maskless microfabrication of refractive and diffractive microoptics. Manufacture optical grade, smooth surfaces at highest speed rates thanks to the single-voxel tuning capabilities and the high-performance galvo scanning technology. Quantum X is thus the ideal tool for small series production on wafer up to 6” and rapid prototyping of freeform microoptics, microlens arrays, or advanced diffractive elements.

To meet the immense demand for complex microoptical components in the ever-growing technology markets for sensors, miniaturized devices, augmented reality applications or consumer electronics, high-volume manufacturing processes and mass production of these components are required. In this context, replication technologies such as injection molding of our partner kdg opticomp or nanoimprint lithography (NIL) of our partner EV Group offer well-established manufacturing processes for large scale production. These technologies replicate 2.5D topographies with the highest precision using working stamps or molding tools that can be formed from a master template.

NIL was originally developed for academic purposes and enables the replication of objects with nanometer-scale features. The technology matured over the past decades and became an industry proven microfabrication technology for high-volume production on the wafer level.

Injection molding is a well-established industrial process for the replication of large-volume, macroscale objects to high-precision microobjects. High-precision injection molding enables the manufacturing of objects with submicron features, such as microoptical components, as a continuous manufacturing method for mass production.

Quantum X fits perfectly into existing replication process chains for high-volume manufacturing and mass production. With its single-voxel tuning capabilities this grayscale lithography system enables 2.5D microfabrication with complete design freedom and submicron resolution, supporting efficient rapid prototyping and high-precision mastering. The seamless integration of Quantum X into industrial replication process lines has been demonstrated many times.

Are you looking for further information about 2.5D microfabrication?

For more information and deeper insights into our microfabrication systems, visit our free premium resources section. Download our whitepapers about Two-Photon Polymerization and Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography.

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