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3D printing by 2GL®

Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL®) is setting new standards for quality and speed in 3D nano- and microfabrication based on a unique voxel tuning process that is now also available for 3D printing.

Basics and principles

3D printing by 2GL®
Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography now in 3D

There is a fundamental challenge with classical 3D printing: for high-resolution 3D printing of complex designs or curved shapes, the print must be sliced and hatched into a large number of horizontal and vertical layers. This can significantly increase printing time for smooth, curved or filigree structures. Refer to the explanations provided under Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP).
Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL®), introduced in 2019 and subject to Nanoscribe’s proprietary intellectual property, enables voxel tuning, resulting in a significant reduction of layers to be printed. This is achieved by fast laser modulation in the scan pass. However, this technology was previously only available for 2.5D structures.

Superior quality with outstanding shape accuracy

Launched in 2023, 3D printing by 2GL® takes Nanoscribe's grayscale technology to the third dimension. The high-resolution 3D printing process is based on dynamic modulation of laser power in real time while scanning at highest speed. This leads to highly precise sizing of the polymerizing voxel to perfectly match the contours of any 3D shape. The proprietary 3D nanofabrication technology produces flawless, smooth surfaces without any slicing steps or voxel-related shape distortions, accurately representing the actual shape of any high-resolution 3D design.

Speed boost up to 60x

3D printing by 2GL® is the fastest 2PP-based 3D Microfabrication technology available on the market today. Its dynamic voxel tuning requires far fewer print layers to achieve print results with optically smooth and nanostructured surfaces.
The fastest additive manufacturing technology for 3D nano- and microfabrication provides a massive acceleration in printing speed. The increase in throughput depends on the structure design, but is 10 to 60 times the throughput of any current 2-photon lithography system while maintaining the same demanding print quality requirements.

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Quantum X align
Enjoy 3D printing by 2GL®

Quality and speed!

The Quantum X align system comes standard with Aligned Two-Photon Lithography (A2PL®) technology and optionally with 3D printing by 2GL® to print any freeform design automatically aligned on optical fibers and photonics chips with unrivaled speed and accuracy.

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