Nanoscribe DOE

Multi-level diffractive optical elements

Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography enables the fabrication of multi-level diffractive optical elements (DOE) with truly outstanding shape accuracy in one printing step. The nanostructured surfaces meet the high lateral and axial submicron resolution needed in DOEs.

Nanostructured DOEs with
excellent shape accuracy

The classical fabrication of diffractive optical elements (DOEs) was quite time-consuming and costly owing to multiple lithographic, etching and alignment processes. With additive microfabrication multi-level DOEs can be fabricated in one printing step, either as prototypes for direct use or as masters for tooling in volume production.

For the fabrication of DOEs we recommend Nanoscribe Quantum X. This system offers a maskless lithography solution, meeting the high lateral and axial resolution needed in DOEs. With the use of Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL ®), Quantum X directly fabricates multi-level diffractive optical elements in a single layer. Up to 4,096-level designs can be processed into discrete or quasi-continuous topographies in a cost-effective process.

Diffractive microoptics
application opportunities

You want to assess the opportunities for your project in diffractive microoptics? Explore the application options of our 3D Microfabrication solutions. Have a look at the 10 most recent scientific publications in diffractive microoptics.
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Structured light engineering using a photonic nanojet


Sub-micrometer focusing setup for high-pressure crystallography at the Extreme Conditions beamline at PETRA III


Unclonable anti-counterfeiting labels based on microlens arrays and luminescent microparticles


An achromatic X-ray lens


In vivo lensless microscopy via a phase mask generating diffraction patterns with high-contrast contours


Compact refractive objective add-on for adaptive optics microscopy


3D-Printed Micro Lens-in-Lens for In Vivo Multimodal Microendoscopy


Structuring light using solgel hybrid 3D-printed optics prepared by two-photon polymerization


Emission spectroscopy of NaYF4:Eu nanorods optically trapped by Fresnel lens fibers


Towards 3D-Printed Inverse-Designed Metaoptics

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