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Let our colleagues speak

Various colleagues from different departments give you their perspective on what’s going on. They talk about their job tasks, what they enjoy most and about our special features as a company.

Portrait of our Product Manager Patrick


Head of Systems Engineering

"What I enjoy most is getting things off the ground together with colleagues and looking for solutions. We also have a good atmosphere in meetings, in making agreements and organizing things. That’s also something I enjoy, and that’s fortunately why I ended up in this job in the first place."


Head of Software Engineering

"The fact that we are developing top-notch products that matter just feels nice. And all this in interdisciplinary collaboration with people from very different backgrounds like optics, electronics, physics, materials, mechanics. Just talking with each other is already an opportunity to learn."

Portrait of Mana (Head of Software)
Portrait of our Technical Lead - Lithography Domain Roman


Technical Lead – Lithography Domain

"What we do here is completely new territory. You have to experiment and develop new things, which is fun and very diverse. I have been working here for almost 10 years now and I have never been bored."


Assembly & Production Planning Specialist

"What is really great is that no matter which direction you come from, whether you come in as a skilled worker or with a degree or doctorate, you always have the feeling that people value each other."

Portrait of our Assembly & Production Planning Specialist Sascha at work

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Head of Service

"We are definitely no longer a start-up, but also not an immobile tanker, but somewhere in between – and that’s a good thing. There are many opportunities to influence and change things here."

Portrait of our Senior Process Engineer Mareike


Senior Process Engineer

"As a result of a colleague’s parental leave, I unexpectedly came to my project management role. Although I was only part of Nanoscribe for a short time and therefore had little previous experience in project management of such large product development projects, as a young woman I was given this responsibility and also the confidence in myself. I get a lot of support from the team. I think that is special and not necessarily the case in other companies."


Group Leader Production

"What I notice at Nanoscribe is that the middle management is closely wired to each other and there is a great sense of togetherness. There is a strong overarching corporate mindset among all managers."

Portrait at work of our Group Leader in Production Bernhard
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