June 15, 2022

Get ready for your print jobs
with the NanoGuide e-learning module

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The NanoGuide e-learning module offers the information required to operate Nanoscribe printers for the very first time. Every learning unit closes with a short multiple-choice quiz to check the learning progress.

The customer success team at Nanoscribe is continuously optimizing the digital services portfolio. Take advantage of NanoGuide, Nanoscribe’s online knowledge base to get access to a vast amount of information about Nanoscribe printers, processes, software, applications and materials. NanoGuide not only offers up-to-date information on 3D printing with a Nanoscribe system, it also provides with a free e-learning module. The NanoGuide e-learning module outlines the basics and workflows in high-precision 3D printing with a Nanoscribe system. The series of articles will guide users with all the information necessary to operate the printer for the first time.

With the Nanoscribe Digital series, we provide you with valuable insights into our digital customer support and services. Discover why it is so valuable for you to participate in the free NanoGuide e-learning to prepare for your first print jobs. Right from the foundation of our company, it was our priority to provide comprehensive and rapid support to our customers and systems operators all around the globe.

Why to start with the free e-learning module on NanoGuide

The NanoGuide e-learning module bundles the most useful and relevant information to get started with high-precision 3D printing with a Nanoscribe system. Each unit of the e-learning module closes with a short multiple-choice quiz to directly test the learning progress. Via NanoGuide the entire Nanoscribe user community has access to this service at any given time and from any given place. The only requirement is a NanoGuide account, which is automatically provided if the user is known to Nanoscribe.

What knowledge can be acquired via the e-learning module

The free NanoGuide e-learning module is a helpful information compilation on all necessary steps in executing a print job. The participants learn how to prepare their print jobs and how to choose the right print set according to the application requirements. The e-learning module introduces the Nanoscribe software tool DeScribe to give insights into how to take advantage of the STL file import wizard with provided field-proven print parameter recipes. Moreover, the participants get to know the software tool NanoWrite for executing and monitoring print projects. Furthermore, the e-learning module bundles information on how to prepare and load substrates, print, unload and develop the printed structure. Finally, there is not only valuable insights into the operational workflow but also on how to successfully meet application requirements.

How to benefit from NanoGuide and further online training in daily work

NanoGuide is a comprehensive online knowledge base providing all users with up-to-date and helpful information around Nanoscribe’s hardware, software, photoresins, print processes and applications. Therefore, NanoGuide is the perfect starting point for all questions related to high-precision 3D printing with Nanoscribe systems. The comprehensive information is compiled by a team of multiple experts at Nanoscribe to help the community in achieving the best printing results in the shortest time. Monthly online training sessions are announced on NanoGuide as well. Participants in online training sessions benefit from step-by-step explanations from our customer success experts using application examples. Each online training is interactive and allows participants to ask questions directly to our training experts at any time.

For beginners, there is a basic online training and the advanced training sessions. These are specifically tailored to our 3D Microfabrication Solution Sets with a special focus on printing small, medium, or large features.

Who has access and how to get started

NanoGuide is an online knowledge base for the Nanoscribe community and offers comprehensive information for beginners, advanced users and experts. The support portal is accessible 24/7. As a registered customer or user, you will get access to NanoGuide. Just contact with providing your affiliation and the device admin in CC and your access will be granted.

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