January 26, 2021

Increasing demand for microfabrication solutions

The demand for microfabrication solutions is continuously growing. Nanoscribe reports a record order entry that yielded a 40 percent growth in revenue in 2020 compared to the previous year. Thus, Nanoscribe further expands its market leadership in high-precision additive manufacturing solutions. A new driver for this growth is the penetration of the microoptics market with Nanoscribe’s new maskless lithography system Quantum X, on top of the strong demand for 3D microfabrication solutions for scientific and industrial prototyping. With the first wave of Covid-19 infections leveling off, Nanoscribe engineers performed deliveries and installations from all three Nanoscribe locations at customers’ sites in Europe, Asia and North America.

Prof. Dr. Harald Giessen and the new maskless lithography system Quantum X
Prof. Dr. Harald Giessen welcomes the new maskless lithography system Nanoscribe Quantum X at the 4th Physics Institute of the University of Stuttgart. Image: University of Stuttgart

Last year the demand for high-precision 3D printing and maskless lithography solutions increased to a record level. Nanoscribe’s revenue grew organically and profitably by more than 40 percent compared to 2019. This growth is mainly driven by the great response of scientific and industrial customers focusing on the rapid prototyping and mastering of microoptics and diffractive optics. Nanoscribe’s newest flagship Quantum X found its place at universities and companies in the microoptics industry in Europe, North America and Asia. “In a collaborative manner with our customers and partners, we at Nanoscribe managed to ship and install our 3D printing and maskless lithography solutions worldwide”, CEO Martin Hermatschweiler looks back on 2020. “Most importantly we’d like to thank our customers and local partners who demonstrated enormous flexibility and support to deal with these circumstances”, Hermatschweiler expresses his gratitude to all customers, systems operators and partners. The growth in revenue is accompanied by new office, laboratory and production space of 4,200 m² in the new headquarters, which Nanoscribe moved into at the beginning of 2020. In addition, a total of 10 new colleagues started to work at Nanoscribe last year to further drive innovations in the systems and software engineering, printing materials as well as in the processes and applications teams.

New whitepaper series on microfabrication technologies

A multidisciplinary team of Nanoscribe experts intensively worked on a new whitepaper series. To provide understandable background information and exemplary applications realized with our technologies, technical authors with expertise in our systems, printing materials, workflows and applications came up with the first whitepaper series on our basic technologies. The first whitepaper on Two-Photon Polymerization, was released in October. Now, at the beginning of 2021, the second whitepaper on Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography is available for providing customers and interested parties with in-depth technology information and practical know-how on how to apply the new maskless lithography technology to their projects.

Outlook towards 2021

In early 2021, Nanoscribe and its project partner Glassomer for the first time reported a scientific publication on 3D printing of glass, shedding light on next products and materials Nanoscribe will bring to market. In this spirit, Hermatschweiler summarizes: “Despite uncertainties in a turbulent world economy we look ahead to a business wise bright year 2021 full of innovations and extended possibilities to come.”


Would you like to start your work in 2021 with an inspiring read of innovative technologies for 3D Microfabrication and maskless lithography? Read our whitepapers, which provide in-depth knowledge on our microfabrication technologies and practical know-how on how to apply them to your projects.

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