April 08, 2020

NanoGuide – your digital companion to success

Neuronal cell-culture microarchitectures
NanoGuide: Nanoscribe’s online knowledge base. With this digital service, Nanoscribe customers and users benefit from 24/7 extensive 3D Microfabrication expert knowledge, no matter where they are.

Let us talk about NanoGuide: Nanoscribe’s online knowledge base. With this digital service, you can benefit from our extensive 3D Microfabrication expert knowledge, no matter where you are. From the lab, the office, on the road and from the home office as well, all 3,000 Nanoscribe system users have 24/7 online access to NanoGuide! It’s a big part of our customers success. Accessed by web, it contains more than 1,400 articles, which are organized into sections and interlinked for rapid learning. NanoGuide answers innovators’ questions on how to cope with challenges in nano- and microfabrication.

In the first part of our Nanoscribe Digital series we’d like to explain what NanoGuide is, why it is so valuable, who can benefit from it and how. Right from the foundation of our company, it was our priority to provide comprehensive and rapid support to our customers all around the globe. In these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, we continue to support you personally with many different services, even when it is difficult to meet up physically. With the Nanoscribe Digital series, you will gain more insight into our customer support through digital services. We will introduce further digital services soon. Stay tuned!

What is NanoGuide about?

NanoGuide is Nanoscribe’s extensive online knowledge base. The database guides you through everything related to Nanoscribe’s hardware, software, photoresins, print processes and applications. At this moment, NanoGuide contains more than 120 articles. They are organized within selected sections and topics can also be easily found by keyword searching. The articles are interlinked, so one topic can lead you to a related one. We continue to develop videos and other types of illustrations to overcome language or comprehension barriers.

NanoGuide provides information about our 3D printers, including special hardware details and options, smart software tips, an explanation of solution sets as well as cleaning and maintenance advice. As we also develop and sell proprietary printing materials, the properties and technical data of our IP Photoresins can also be found here. Moreover, one of the most exciting categories is probably the one about printing processes and workflows.

Why is this service so valuable?

NanoGuide is the perfect starting point for all questions related to the use of our 3D printing systems. It contains comprehensive information, compiled by 3D Microfabrication specialists across different application fields that help users to achieve the best printing results in the shortest time. This one-stop knowledge base offers several tips and tricks to assist users in handling even challenging microfabrication tasks. NanoGuide is also a gateway to application-specific research work, offering an extensive reference to scientific papers, which have been published by users of our 3D Microfabrication systems. Each reference provides the title, authors, year and link to the paper. This enables our users to keep track of the latest discoveries and achievements obtained with our tools.

Who can benefit and how?

NanoGuide is the knowledge base for beginners, advanced users and experts. It is accessible for our customers and users. NanoGuide is a 24/7 available support portal with the latest information on 3D Microfabrication. As a registered customer or user, you will get access to NanoGuide. Just contact or ask the administrator of your device for further instructions.

The success of NanoGuide proves the importance of this service: NanoGuide currently has more than 50,000 page views per year. You will always find the most up-to-date information here, as we update articles as soon as we have new information or data.

Interested in a first impression?

Please note, NanoGuide is only accessible for our customers and users. However, we do offer a reading sample to the general public on our website. Check out our reading sample “CAD model creation” and get a first impression of NanoGuide.

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