April 25, 2022

Key microfabrication technologies for industrial innovations in microoptics & photonics packaging

lensed fiber array (LFA)
This image shows a lensed fiber array (LFA). With the Nanoscribe Quantum X align it is possible to print Free Space Microoptical Coupling (FSMOC) components directly on fiber arrays and photonic integrated circuits (PICs). Image: © PHIX Photonics Assembly

Nanoscribe is exhibitor at LASER World of PHOTONICS 2022 in Munich, Germany. As the pioneer and specialist in high-precision 3D printing, Nanoscribe will present the latest achievements of its microfabrication technologies in terms of performance and alignment. This will drive advanced applications in integrated photonics, photonics packaging and microoptics. In addition to its regular booth (341, hall A5), Nanoscribe is also part of the first World of QUANTUM, a new exhibition area highlighting enabling technologies for quantum technologies and its exciting applications.

The LASER World of PHOTONICS is the world’s leading exhibition for photonic components, systems and applications. A novum this year is the new exhibition area World of QUANTUM, dedicated to disruptive technologies and their potential applications in computing and cryptography, particularly photonic integration, optical computing and data communications as well as sensing and imaging. A challenge in this field is to advance the alignment and packaging of photonic components. Specialized hardware- and software-based printing solutions can in turn enable efficient microoptical coupling. With the recently introduced Quantum X align, Nanoscribe thus offers a novel industrial solution for photonics packaging.

Nanoscribe is exhibiting at the first World of QUANTUM

Visitors can meet our experts at the World of QUANTUM at booth 110 in hall A4 to learn more about how high-precision 3D printing with nanoprecision alignment is revolutionizing photonics packaging and integrated photonics. The new Quantum X align reduces coupling losses by printing high-precision aligned freeform microoptics directly onto optical fibers or photonic chips. This allows to print optical interfaces well aligned relative to edge couplers (EC), grating couplers (GC), tapers and fibers.

Upscaling microoptics fabrication towards mass production

In addition to nanoprecise alignment, another forward-looking trend is the upscaling of microoptics manufacturing. Nanoscribe’s proprietary Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL®) for rapid prototyping and mastering in microoptics has been shown to combine with well-proven replication processes. This is successfully demonstrated with our partner EV Group for nanoimprint lithography (NIL) and with kdg opticomp for injection molding. At our booth 341 (hall A5), you will discover fascinating samples showing the process from 2GL master to finished replica via nanoimprint lithography and injection molding.

Interested in a Quantum X demo session?

For visitors interested in more in-depth insights into the microfabrication workflow with the Nanoscribe Quantum X, our technical experts will offer demo sessions throughout the exhibition week. These will demonstrate how the Nanoscribe Quantum X guarantees fast and reliable manufacturing with optical-grade surfaces of the fabricated microoptics. It is still possible to make an appointment for a demo session. If you are interested, just write a short email to to arrange your personal demo session.

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