March 26, 2020

Nanoscribe is fully operational at the new ZEISS Innovation Hub @KIT

ZEISS Innovation Hub @KIT houses Nanoscribe
The ZEISS Innovation Hub @KIT houses Nanoscribe together with innovation teams of ZEISS, KIT and high-tech start-ups

Nanoscribe has moved into the ZEISS Innovation Hub at the gates of Campus North of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and now is fully operational. In one of the most innovative high-tech clusters in Germany, the company opens its new headquarters and rolls out extended activities in R&D, streamlined production, customer support, and sales in the brand-new building. The hub offers more than 12,000 m² to intensify the collaboration between business and science, housing the KIT spin-off Nanoscribe together with innovation teams of Carl Zeiss AG, KIT and start-ups in high-tech and digitalization.

This January, twelve years after Nanoscribe’s foundation, the award-winning company moved into its new headquarters in the ZEISS Innovation Hub @KIT. Now all laboratories are ready for operation and production has been ramped up. ZEISS and KIT have played a major role for the young company. Nanoscribe is a spin-off of the KIT, whose research and technology ecosystem has strengthened the company as a pioneer and innovator in 3D Microfabrication. And ZEISS has supported and promoted the foundation of the company and subsequently acquired a substantial stake of Nanoscribe.

Sadly, the official inauguration ceremony had to be postponed in order to enforce the necessary measures to contain the COVID-19 infections. Despite this, Nanoscribe’s facilities and the workforce under this roof are fully operational.

Developing next generation microfabrication

The new headquarters houses facilities to develop and produce the next generation of industrial microfabrication equipment. Within more than 4,200 m² net floor space, the premises are equipped with high-tech laboratories, modern production and office areas as well as the Microfabrication Experience Center for the growing company of more than 70 employees and its wide customer base. High-tech chemistry and physics laboratories have been designed and set up to provide an optimal R&D workspace with best vibration isolation, excellent temperature and humidity stability.

“The ZEISS Innovation Hub offers a very stimulating environment to bring new microfabrication technologies and solutions to the market. Under one roof we have plenty of space, professional equipment and highly qualified employees to develop and manufacture high-precision 3D printers and advanced lithography systems for our customers in science and industry”, explains Martin Hermatschweiler, CEO and co-founder of Nanoscribe. “We are well prepared for coronavirus and the difficult times ahead. We are always available for our worldwide customers personally and provide comprehensive support with an online knowledge base, webinars, online training options and remote diagnostics and support”, continues Hermatschweiler.

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