May 19, 2020

Online training to become a microfabrication expert

Nanoscribe online training sessions
Take part in online training sessions from the office or from home to gain deeper insights into 3D printing on the nano- and microscale.

At Nanoscribe, we set up our customer support to bring new users up to expert level within a short time. Thanks to our online trainings, you don’t need to leave your lab or office to find out how to realize your ideas by 3D Microfabrication. To gain deeper insights into 3D printing on the nano- and microscale, we offer online trainings with basic and advanced sessions, even suited for your home office.

In this part of our Nanoscribe Digital series we focus on what our online trainings are, why they are so valuable, who can benefit from them and how. Right from the foundation of our company, it was our priority to provide comprehensive and rapid support to our customers all around the globe. Even in these difficult times of the Covid-19 spread, we can offer our well-proven trainings by remote sessions. We offer you our full support and attention to your challenges without meeting personally. The Nanoscribe Digital series will give you more insight into our customer support through digital services. We will introduce more of these services soon. Stay tuned!

What are online trainings about?

To ease the printing experience of beginners and expand the expertise of advanced users, Nanoscribe offers different levels of training: basic and advanced.

  • Advanced training
  • Basic training

In-depth guidance to selected print tasks –
Adapt the process to your design

  • Guideline for choosing the right software recipe for the desired design
  • Step-by-step process, starting from STL import and followed by optimization of print parameters
  • Advanced features of NanoWrite and DeScribe
  • Advice and tips for sample handling, such as pre- and post-print processes
  • Q&A session


Introduction to Photonic Professional GT2 –
Print your first structure

  • General introduction to the 3D printing system
  • Guideline throughout the printing workflow from STL import to print job
  • Basic operation of NanoWrite – the 3D printer graphical user interface
  • Basic operation of DeScribe – the print job preparation tool
  • Useful advice to improve printing results through iterations
  • Q&A session


Why are online trainings so valuable?

The trainings are set up to offer a comprehensive preparation to work with the hardware, software, and workflows of the Nanoscribe 3D printer. That way the participants learn how to start working with the Nanoscribe system right away. Our customers highly value the well-proven processes and workflows explained step by step using real application examples. The sessions are interactive, allowing users to ask their questions directly to our training experts and get answers during subsequent Q&A sessions.

Who can benefit and how?

The remote trainings are available for our customers and users. We recommend beginners to start with the basic training. All users interested in advanced training should at least have basic knowledge of how to work with the Nanoscribe printer. Advanced trainings are the best way to expand your basic knowledge up to expert level.

All you need to participate is a good internet connection for your computer, tablet or smartphone, also a microphone and a loudspeaker are needed to interact during the sessions.

Interested in an appointment?

Just contact or ask the administrator of your device for further instructions.

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