October 21, 2020

The Nanoscribe website is now available in four languages

With the Japanese website launch, we now offer in four different languages: English, German, Chinese and Japanese. With the addition of the last two languages in 2020, Nanoscribe underlines the importance of the Asian region for high-precision additive manufacturing in emerging markets such as microoptics or integrated photonics. Together with its subsidiary Nanoscribe China Co. Ltd. in Shanghai and the exclusive distributor Japan Laser Corporation (JLC) for the Japanese market, Nanoscribe’s expertise in 3D Microfabrication technology and its smart solutions become more transparent and tangible for customers and partners in the Asia-Pacific countries. in Japanese
Nanoscribe announces the availability of in Japanese and welcomes first visitors

Making the website available in Japanese is an important step in providing the Japanese market with first-hand information about Nanoscribe’s systems and solutions. It complements the contact with customers and interested parties in Japan, whose consultation is managed by Nanoscribe’s exclusive distributor Japan Laser Corporation (JLC) for the Japanese market.

Distribution of 3D Microfabrication systems in Japan

JLC is a major trading company specializing in laser application equipment as well as lasers and has been serving the needs of Japanese customers since 1968.  JLC has established a “Global Communications Network” primarily to provide information on laser technologies and to offer various lasers for scientific research and general use.  JLC continually strives to provide integrated light solutions to light up the future.

For Mr. Tsuruta, manager at JLC, the consulting work together with a founded overview of the products and services is most important, as the Japanese market is looking for a complete solution. This requires information about the details of specific microfabrication processes in very different applications. Besides an overview of the system, software, photoresins and processes, it is thus necessary to show a portfolio of various customer applications.

First-hand information for personal consultation and online communication

Mr. Tsuruta summarizes that Japanese customers especially appreciate first-rate service and support. Overcoming language barriers in the information that a company provides is not only important in personal consulting. It is also crucial for a person’s first contact with a company via the website. With the addition of Japanese to the language portfolio on, Nanoscribe emphasizes the company's commitment to customers and partners in Japan.

“Nanoscribe stands out for fantastic products and competent employees who provide first-class support. From systems, materials, software and processes to service and support, everything is excellent”, Mr. Tsuruta explains. “The addition of the Japanese language to the Nanoscribe website once more demonstrates Nanoscribe's high standards for its own products and services”, the manager at JLC concludes.

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