May 28, 2020

Valuable premium resources on Nanoscribe website

The Nanoscribe website is expanded by an additional section with premium resources
The Nanoscribe website is expanded by an additional section with premium resources. Registered visitors can learn more about and effectively benefit from Nanoscribe’s expertise in high-precision 3D printing.

A new section on with premium resources is online. From now on, Nanoscribe provides highly valuable information to all customers, partners and interested parties within the premium resources section. Starting from a detailed compilation of promising innovation projects, published by science experts using Nanoscribe technology, and selected downloads, these exclusive resources will be expanded over time. To get a deeper understanding of Nanoscribe’s technology as well as its application opportunities and to support the website visitors in their plans and upcoming projects, more detailed and most useful information about Nanoscribe’s technology is provided via premium resources.

Our premium resources deliver detailed information about promising innovations, for instance by a database of scientific papers published by customers of Nanoscribe’s 3D Microfabrication systems. The database is primarily intended to provide registered visitors with a variety of opportunities to gain insights into the research areas in which Nanoscribe printing systems are successfully used.

Based on scientific criteria and detailed information about the quality of the printed objects, the database is designated for stimulating and pushing forward the innovative spirit of our customers and partners. As the compilation also contains information on photoresins, it is a valuable source for evaluating the suitability of different materials in various application fields and scenarios, too. The compilation therefore outlines a convenient and clear overview of many scientific papers related to Nanoscribe with the aim of uncovering potentials in existing applications and pointing the way to ground-breaking innovations. The overall purpose of all premium resources is to deliver a profound research base for customers, partners and interested persons to the status quo as well as an outlook on pioneering achievements in the field of 3D Microfabrication technology.

How to discover your innovative potential

Besides information on the application field together with system and photoresin information on each registered publication, the compilation incorporates information about the title, authors, publication year and journal title plus the abstract and a direct link to the paper. By offering the complete references, the database is a valuable research tool and working basis for upcoming innovation projects. Moreover, the database is underpinned by a keyword search as well as a search for the employed systems and tools to provide a user-friendly and easy-to handle solution. You're interested in utilizing the database? The registration for all premium resources is completely free for you and only requires a few mouse clicks.

Further highlights in our premium section – whitepapers and webinars

Starting from a detailed compilation of scientific papers published by Nanoscribe customers and exclusive downloads, the section with premium resources will be expanded over time. Of course, the database will further grow with the aim to offer registered website visitors a state-of-the-art compilation of all research papers relating to Nanoscribe systems as well as to determine recent research efforts to empower cutting edge science and drive industrial innovations. In the upcoming months, you will find even more exclusive information. For example, a whitepaper series as well as several webinars are in preparation.

First and foremost, the provided resources should be useful for you. Please let us know: On which topics should our first whitepapers and webinars focus on? Feedback welcome at

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