Innovative refractive microoptics

Additive manufacturing with highest precision enables the fabrication of cutting-edge refractive microoptical elements. Benefit from the design freedom and optical quality of Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography for your innovations: Almost any shape can be fabricated, from spherical, aspherical to freeform and hybrid designs.

Additive microfabrication of high-precision microoptics

Single microoptical elements, arrays with high fill factors up to 100% and almost arbitrary shapes such as spherical, aspherical and even freeform optics are directly printed in a rapid, tool-free and maskless process. With Nanoscribe systems you achieve smooth surfaces with excellent optical quality.

Nanoscribe offers Quantum X maskless lithography system for 2.5D refractive microoptics. This system fabricates nearly any imaginable design with excellent shape accuracy. Thanks to Nanoscribe’s Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL ®) technology, microoptics are printed in a single layer by modulating the laser power according to the lens contour. This approach reduces print times drastically. Larger lenses are achieved as well with multiple layers.

Refractive microoptics
application opportunities

You want to assess the opportunities for your project in refractive microoptics? Explore the application options of our 3D Microfabrication solutions. Have a look at the 10 most recent scientific publications in refractive microoptics.
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In-situ Quantitative Phase Imaging during Multi-photon Laser Printing


Real-time, deep-learning aided lensless microscope


(3+1)D printed adiabatic 1-to-M broadband couplers and fractal splitter networks


Apochromatic X-ray focusing


Two‐Photon Polymerization Lithography for Optics and Photonics: Fundamentals, Materials, Technologies, and Applications


A bi-axially accelerating Airy beam for miniaturized light-sheet microscopy


Free-Form Micro-Optics Enabling Ultra-Broadband Low-Loss Off-Chip Couplin


Temperature Tunable 4D Polymeric Photonic Crystals


Direct Laser Writing of Microscale 3D Structures: Morphological and Mechanical Properties


Reconfigurable and Polarization‐Dependent Grating Absorber for Large‐Area Emissivity Control Based on the Plasmonic Phase‐Change Material In3SbTe2

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