November 4, 2021

Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium

Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium 2021

Joint Symposium on Direct Write, Optical, Ion and Electron Beam Lithography

Join us for the 3rd Nano-Micro-Lithography Symposium, hosted on gather.town. This online event brings together technical experts, customers and users from Nanoscribe, micro resist technology GmbH, Heidelberg Instruments, GenISys GmbH and Raith. Discover the latest technologies and products for Nano-Micro-Lithography. Several system users from the participating companies will provide detailed insights into their microfabrication projects and describe experiences with various products and technologies. In addition, there will be an inspiring student project pitch and numerous networking opportunities to discuss your projects. Also new is a dedicated job fair with information on current job openings and the opportunity to talk specifically about jobs and careers with representatives from participating companies.

Thanks to the interactive platform gather.town, you have the opportunity to attend presentations in conference rooms, meet all the participating companies at their booths or network with other participants while strolling through the event rooms. Take the chance to get inspiration for your innovation projects, meet Nanoscribe and discuss your goals in microfabrication with us.

We especially invite you to the talk of our technical expert Dr. Benjamin Richter on “Rapid prototyping and production of 3D mechanical microparts”. In addition, Antoine Barbot from the FEMTO-ST Institute in France will proceed with a presentation on “Two-Photon 3D-printed structure on capillary tip for micromanipulation and fluid manipulation” to show how Nanoscribe systems and solutions are advancing research on sophisticated microfluidic devices.

Find more detailed information about the entire event in the agenda below.

8:40 CET Session 1
e-Beam and Laser Lithography Simulation – pushing the limits of nanofabrication

Thomas Michels, GenISys
Fabrication of photonic and optomechanical circuits with BEAMER and RAITH VOYAGER EBL
Erik Holmgren, AlbaNova Nanolab, KTH
Rapid prototyping and production of 3D mechanical microparts
Dr. Benjamin Richter, Nanoscribe
Two-Photon 3D-printed structure on capillary tip for micromanipulation and fluid manipulation
Antoine Barbot, femto-st
Matching lithography processes to implement hierarchical nano-micro-pattern
Johannes Wolf, micro resist technology
Challenges for integration of optical elements
Dr. Danny Reuter, Zentrum für Mikrotechnologien, TU Chemnitz
13:00 CET Students project pitch
15 undergraduate and graduate students present inspiring topics.
Each speaking very concisely about project idea, microfabrication task, and key innovation.
14:00 CET Session 2
Maskless grayscale lithography

Dominique Collé, Heidelberg Instruments Mikrotechnik
Cleanroom in a Glovebox
Professor Kenneth Burch, Boston College
The new EBPG Plus: E-Beam Lithography applications with a Plus in Throughput and Precision
Frank Nouvertné, Raith GmbH Germany
Large area x-ray gratings for space, meta lenses and Quantum devices on 2D materials – a wide range of cutting edge applications for EBL at Penn State
Chad Eichfeld, Penn State University
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