Scaling up nano- and microfabrication
From mastering by 2GL to mass production
using replication technologies

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Interested in how to scale up the fabrication of advanced nano- and microstructures on an industrial scale? Then be part of the upcoming live webinar with technology experts on 3D Microfabrication and subsequent replication processes.
With Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL ®), a powerful additive manufacturing technology is available for rapid prototyping and master fabrication. Combined with various well-established replication technologies such as nanoimprint lithography (NIL), micro-injection molding, roll-to-roll printing or hot embossing, 2GL is the starting point and key to mass production of state-of-the-art microstructures.

Experience the strengths of 2GL rapid prototyping and mastering technology in a live webinar demo. Discover from experts how to ramp up your industrial production with high performance, high quality and long-term reliability.

Dr. Marek Krehel, 3D AG, will introduce technology options and process steps for industrial upscaling of nano- and microfabrication. He will outline the choices for microstructure master fabrication, focus on different shim families and give a systematic overview of the different upscaling concepts such as microinjection molding, hot embossing, nanoimprint lithography and roll-to-roll. Finally, he will benchmark their application potentials.

Dr. Aaron Kobler, Nanoscribe, will give an introduction on the capabilities of Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography (2GL)-based microfabrication with a special focus on master fabrication. He will showcase the strengths of 2GL for rapid prototyping and mastering with a Quantum X live demo. He will lead us through the complete workflow from design to final master, exploiting the performance of the 2GL microfabrication technology.

Christine Thanner, EV Group, will present the opportunities of nanoimprint lithography (NIL) for mass production, introducing us to the technology principles, process steps from 2GL mastering to high-volume imprints and highlight some outstanding applications. She will also illustrate how UV-NIL technologies can transition ultra-fine and complex nano- and microstructures into large-area and large-volume replicas.


Moderation by James Schildknecht, Head of Sales at Nanoscribe

  1. Technological options for scaling up to mass production
  2. Basics and strengths of 2GL microfabrication for mastering
  3. Quantum X live demo of printing microoptical master templates
  4. Nanoimprint lithography - from feasibility assessment to production line
  5. Q&A session

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Webinar on Scaling up nano- and microfabrication on October 27, 2022 with Dr. Marek Krehel, Christine Thanner and Dr. Aaron Kobler

Our experts in this webinar

Dr. Marek Krehel
Portrait of Dr. Marek Krehel

Marek Krehel is Director of Technologies and R&D at 3D AG. He received his PhD from ETH Zürich on the application of polymeric optical fibres in biomedical sensing. In 2017 he joined 3D AG, a micro and nanotechnology tooling center. He now focuses on microstructure mastering, upscaling and replication on an industrial scale.

Dr. Aaron Kobler
Portrait of Dr. Aaron Kobler

Aaron Kobler, Team Lead of the Nanoscribe Customer Success Team, received his PhD in the field of materials science at the Technical University of Darmstadt. Before Aaron started at Nanoscribe in 2017, he worked for ZEISS in Boston (USA). Now he applies his expertise in 3D Microfabrication based on Two-Photon Polymerization and Two-Photon Grayscale Lithography.

Christine Thanner
Portrait of Christine Thanner

Christine Thanner is Technology Development Engineer at EV Group with focus on Nanoimprint Lithography. She graduated from the Fachhochschule München and worked for Siemens developing epitaxy processes for VICSEL lasers before joining Infineon as metrology and failure mode analysis engineer. Christine joined EV Group in 2002 where she got deeply involved in Nanoimprint Technology.

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