August 04, 2020

Online technical support to inspect your printer

Nanoscribe offers online technical support
Benefit from our online technical support to speed up the inspection of the printer and for immediate assistance with various service tasks.

At Nanoscribe, our service team strives to provide the best customer support in the shortest time possible. Our exceptional customer service also includes online technical support for our customers located all around the world. Using software tools, our service engineers can access your printer from our offices to speed up the inspection and detection of malfunctions as well as some trouble solving. This service is fast and cost-effective for our customers and brings the system back into operation as quickly as possible.

In this part of our Nanoscribe Digital series we focus on what our online technical support is, why it is so valuable, who can benefit from it and how. Right from the foundation of our company, it was our priority to provide comprehensive and rapid support to our customers all around the globe. With our online technical support, our service engineers can login into your printer whenever it is needed, inspect it for troubleshooting and configure it to bring the printer to its best performance. With the Nanoscribe Digital series, you will gain more insight into our customer support through digital services. We will introduce more of these services soon. Stay tuned!

What is online technical support about?

Our service engineers assist customers all around the world with online technical support. The only thing required for online technical support is a stable internet connection of the 3D printer. During online support sessions, the Nanoscribe service team can remotely access the printer and perform initial and advanced assessments of the printer. With software tools, service engineers can check the status of the laser, optics alignment, the microscope, positioning stages and galvo controller as well as detect and evaluate errors. These procedures allow for a deeper insight into the printer and help to identify problems and malfunctions. Some of them can be fixed online or with subsequent on-site repair services.

In addition, online technical support allows the implementation of services related to new purchases. For example, service engineers can assist customers to set up new objective lenses and substrate holders.

Why is online technical support so valuable?

Online technical support is a fast and more cost-effective service option to provide first-hand assistance with problems and configurations. Thus, customers do not have to wait for the next service engineer to fly to the site. The initial inspection and a quick assessment can already provide a comprehensive picture of the printer’s overall performance with a focus on single components. All around the world, from Germany, China and the USA, Nanoscribe has a total of seven service engineers who specialize in online technical support and are on hand to assist our customers.

Who can benefit and how?

All printer users and system managers can contact Nanoscribe at whenever necessary. The system only needs to have an internet connection to carry out an online inspection. Thus, our service engineers can access the printers from the Nanoscribe offices using our software tools.

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