New IP-n162 photoresin

High refractive index printing material for microoptics

Nanoscribe introduces the new IP-n162 photoresin for printing refractive 2.5D and 3D microoptical elements with enormous design freedom. The printing material features a high refractive index of 1.62, which expands the opportunities in creating innovative miniaturized optical systems by means of 3D Microfabrication.


3D microoptics with innovative designs

The IP-n162 photoresin is designed for high-precision additive manufacturing of polymer microoptics. Refractive optical elements printed from IP-n162 yield a higher refractive index and a lower Abbe number compared to other printing materials for 3D Microfabrication by Two-Photon Polymerization. IP-n162 fits perfectly into additive manufacturing with Nanoscribe’s 3D printers and is compatible with the 3D Microfabrication Solution Set Medium Features.

  • High refractive index photoresin with n = 1.62 at 589 nm
  • Low absorption at 1200-1550 nm for infrared microoptics
  • Low Abbe number and high dispersion
  • Combined with IP-S, suitable for printing of achromatic microoptics

Prototyping of high refractive index microoptics

IP-n162 has a high refractive index of 1.62. Among Nanoscribe’s 2PP resins, the new printing material not only offers the highest refractive index but also the highest dispersion, at an Abbe number of 25. The optical properties of printed structures are therefore close to optical polymers typically used in injection molding, e.g. polycarbonate or polyesters. This allows easy and quick prototyping of microoptics, helping to avoid expensive iterations of diamond-milled injection molds. IP-n162 is suitable for a wide range of applications that require refractive or hybrid high-performance microoptics, for example, for miniaturized imaging systems and 3D sensing for AR/VR applications.

Refractive index measurements
Refractive index measurements by the University of Stuttgart; Opt. Mat. Exp. Vol. 9, 4564 (2019)

Enabling achromatic and
infrared microoptics

The photoresin features a high dispersion, expressed by its low Abbe number of 25. This is significantly different from Nanoscribe’s other photoresins and paves the way for the fabrication of compound optics consisting of elements with different dispersion. Here, IP-n162 and the lower refractive index resin IP-S can be a perfect match for creating achromatic optical systems on the microscale.

Another valuable property of IP-n162 is the low absorption in the infrared spectrum. Especially in the wavelength range between 1200 nm and 1550 nm, IP-n162 has a 10 times lower absorption than IP-S. This makes the new IP-n162 photoresin a perfect choice for applications in infrared optics, optical communication and photonics packaging where low absorption losses are critical.

More flexibility with IP-n162
for innovative microoptics

3D-printed Fresnel lens by Nanoscribe
A 3D-printed Fresnel lens with a diameter of 400 µm and a height of 29 µm that can be used as a thin magnification lens, e.g. for focused illumination.
Microlens array by Nanoscribe
Microlens array with very smooth surfaces and a surface roughness Ra < 20 nm
3D-printed double Porro prism by Nanoscribe
A 3D-printed double Porro prism for reorienting inverted images within a small footprint

The IP-n162 properties at a glance

State Liquid
Typical scan speed [mm/s] 100
Slicing distance [µm] 0.4
Hatching distance [µm] 0.5
Refractive index at 589 nm, 20°C 1.62*
Abbe number 25
Pre / post bake required no / no

*Measurements on UV-cured structures by the University of
Stuttgart, Opt. Mat. Exp. Vol. 9, 4564 (2019)

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