New IP-Visio photoresin

High-precision printing material for life sciences

Nanoscribe presents its new IP-Visio photoresin for cell culture and tissue engineering. This material is designed for printing 3D microstructures in high precision as required in various life science applications. IP-Visio is non-cytotoxic and shows a low autofluorescence for cell microscopy.


Go beyond planar
cell biology with
3D microstructures

With the negative-tone IP-Visio photoresin, intricate structures can be fabricated with ease. Its material properties are suitable for studying cell behavior on filigree 3D-printed microstructures. IP-Visio fits perfectly with Nanoscribe’s 3D printers and the 3D Microfabrication Solution Sets.

  • Best suited for high-precision 3D Microfabrication
  • Non-cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5 / USP 87
  • Very low autofluorescence for microscopy applications
  • Compatible with the Solution Sets Medium and Large Features
  • Protein adsorbent resin for cell attachment
  • Suitable for cell biology, tissue engineering and biomedical devices

Low fluorescence for a clear view

Biocompatible 3D scaffolds with

IP-Visio is Nanoscribe’s new printing material for the fabrication of biocompatible 3D microstructures. The material is not cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5/ USP 87, making it suitable for cell-compatible structures.

With high shape accuracy, cell scaffolds can be printed to mimic realistic microenvironments for cell studies. Multiple cells can be seeded onto the printed scaffolds to study cellular processes and inner cell proteins in 3D.

Explore IP-Visio's potential
in cell microscopy

Fluorescence measurements by Uni. Stuttgart; Opt. Mat. Exp. Vol. 9, Issue 12, 2019

The parts printed with IP-Visio show very low autofluorescence. Therefore, the cell behavior can be studied by fluorescence microscopy without disturbing interference of the background fluorescent structure.

Compared to our established IP-S photoresin, the autofluorescence of the printed IP-Visio structure is nearly neglectable and allows a clear view of cells and subcellular components.

Are you looking for
further high-precision printing materials?

Nanoscribe’s IP Photoresins are proven printing materials for high-precision 3D Microfabrication by Two-Photon Polymerization (2PP). The product line presents a broad range of negative-tone, (meth)acrylate-based resins designed for nano-, micro-, and mesoscale structures.

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